Monday, February 25, 2008

Education is learning things that aren't handed to you (why I hate school)

With much information floating around in stuffy classrooms, many of us are taught to regurgitate what was said in hopes that through extrapolation and assimilation, we know how to think. We are tested in ways that allow us to forget tomorrow.

How many people ask questions? After all, why would you if you expect the answer to come out of your professor's mouth momentarily? Where is the sense of importance? It's what isn't said that gets left out; what gets left out is the fun application through experience. The thrill of true empathy and real understanding of concepts. This cannot be handed to you but it makes all the difference.

Once all else is long forgotten, all that's left are things that were not handed to you -- answers in the form of feelings, ideas, impressions and understandings that attach to your core, changing you forever.