Saturday, April 19, 2008

Randy Pausch reprising his "Last Lecture"

Ideal Company

  1. Trust is paramount both within and outside the company.
  2. Long-term sustainability, social responsibility and ethics guide strategic planning and execution of plans
  3. Mission and Vision statements match the company’s actions either exactly presently or actively taking actions to match reality to them. Values are valued and ingrained in core.
  4. All employees are treated with respect. Co-workers deserve just as much respect as customers – especially for the crap they potentially take from them or others within the company dealing with particularly stressful demands or situations.
  5. Questions are answered frankly; directions are direct and outcomes are clearly defined.
  6. Employees are recognized for their hard work and are told so regularly; my value is recognized long before I even think about quitting.
  7. When there is a problem, ask me to do something different; asking is non-threatening and offering information about why might reinforce desired behavior and can help me appreciate the request rather than getting frustrated or annoyed. I might also have other ideas or solutions to improve the situation.
  8. There is healthy collective competition – co-workers work to help each other out and appreciate what how each person affects the other.
  9. Co-workers do things outside of work together to increase the feeling of belonging and accountability to one another.
  10. Constant never ending improvement of self is encouraged and supported; opportunities for growth are available and in use.
  11. At the end of the day I am refreshed rather than drained.
  12. Harassment of any form is non-existent.
  13. Personal identity isn’t lost but valued.
  14. The working environment reflects the culture and its future. It’s visually stimulating and a place I look forward going to.
  15. I am challenged… my skills and abilities are being used. My job isn’t static.