Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pattern: Elf Baby Chrismas Hat

By: Laura Zalesak
Type: Crochet
Gauge: 4sts 4.5r = 2x2"
Hook: N/10mm
Yarn: 100g Lion Brand's Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Pine
<10g Caron Simply Soft Eco in Wine Country

Notions: a yarn needle
1 large silver bell
14 9mm red bells (you might need more or less depending on your ribbon weave)

Please note this hat was made and sized for my son who will be 8 months this Christmas. It was inspired by a look of wonder that on occasion he gives us that prompted the nickname a week after his birth, "elf-man." I thought this would be such a cute idea and had to frog the hat three times until I got the hat the size I hope and think will fit him then. I used just over half a skein to make the hat. One skein might be enough for an adult's hat.


Ch 40
Row1: sc in each ch
Join with sc the ends to form a ring being careful not to twist. Leave a 6" tail to join the bottom of the ring together.

Rows 2-33: Unfortunately, I didn't write down how many decreases I did exactly in each row but I started with 5 decreases for each of the first 3 rows, then decreased 4 and 3 stitches each row for the rest of the body as long as the shaping was right. In the last 7 rows I decreased 1 or 2 stitches each row depending on shape till I had three stitches left.

Row 33: decrease joining the last three stitches into one stitch. Leave an 8" tail.

I found the wool-ease yarn to be too thick so to string the silver bell to the tip of the hat I used some of the simply soft yarn to pull the wool-ease yarn through like a needle threaded. Then I wrapped the yarn tightly around the top before weaving in the end (see below).

Hat Ribbon

Is simply 2 sc sts per row. Make the ribbon long enough to weave in and out of each sc st and to tie a bow with the ends.

Attaching the Red Bells

I just unraveled some yarn to tie the bells around an sc post. Here is what the knots look like on the inside of the hat:

Witch's Hat Version

You can use black yarn for the hat and orange for the ribbon to make a witches Halloween hat. Add a couple rows with a more than 5 decreases at the beginning for the rim.
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