Monday, February 23, 2009


I just stumbled across this site in one of my eZines. Learning to Crochet or Knit? Learning new stitches to advance your skills? Why not make 8x8" squares to practice stitches and then send them off to Africa where this group will sew them together to make warm blankets then destribute them to keep orphaned children warm. There are many areas that do reach below freezing over night and the number of orphaned children grows each day by the hundreds. Please make sure you read the specifications first to make sure that your submission will work.

Not someone who likes to knit or crochet? Want to help in other ways? Here's how you can still help:
  • pass this link along to family and friends who do
  • get stitching groups in on this
  • make an announcement at a local church
  • collect yarn donations made of wool or that have fire resistant properties
  • mail squares on someone elses behalf
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