Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kimono Frogging and Knit-a-Square

So I found this kimono pattern in a Lion Brand box kit and I'm so frustrated! There is a good chance that I'll be having a boy so purple and red just will not do so I thought that I'd use a pair of colors from my stash. Well, the two yarns I'm using although I love the colors... are slightly off in weight compared to each other which is making my project very hard to piece together. This is THE last panel for this wrap and it's taking FOREVER to get it right (perfectionist?) but must get back to it because when it's done -- it's going to feel awesome! I'll post pics when I'm done.

On a side note, the Knit-a-Square group I started on Ravelry is taking off (89 members in less than 24 hours) and I just finished my first crochet square . I'm so interested in seeing the different variations of squares people will make for the children in South Africa. 40 of them will make a blanket and the cool thing is that your squares will be paired with squares sent from all over. I want to try tapestry crochet, working with colors in general and learn a few new stitches (such as afghan stitch -- it's good for using as cross stitch fabric). Right now I seem to be leaning more towards crochet but this will be a perfect opportunity to learn some more knitting techniques as well.
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