Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Update

I'm at 32 weeks pregnant this Tuesday... still feels like there is sooo much to do. I've been getting things together slowly for the wee one. Still need cloth diapers and a baby basket. This little bugger is an active one. The first time DH and I saw the LO, s/he did a 360* turn and then threw a few good kicks. The running joke is that we've got the next star soccer player or kung fu master in my belly. Since I've actually been able to feel the kicking this little bugger has been kicking constantly and moving. The other day DH saw the LO rotate in my belly and pretty much reacted as if he had seen a scene in an alien movie.

The baby kimono that I've been working on is finally finished!!! Geeze... with slightly different yarn weights, it has been really hard getting the alternate pieces to measure the same but it's well worth it :D Here are the pics:


Kimono Parts Without Ties

Finished Baby Kimono
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