Sunday, February 16, 2014


How do you move on when you have been so hurt through to core that without that stimulus to keep the pain going, you don't know how to exist in your current mode of being? How you learn that the self destruct button isn't as big or glaring as it appears; that it doesn't have to be pushed? How do you accept certain foreign truths as firm beliefs that can redesign your foundation? How do you erase or lessen the effects of "permanent" stains on your soul? How do move past years of horrid programming? How to you retrain your senses to accept beauty in the simplest form? Is it ever too late, or just maybe... just maybe you can morph into something else? When do you find the strength to challenge the things that were never okay; to firmly stand by your words and actions that scream STOP? Every day the sun will set, the sun will rise. What will make all the difference? I wish I had the answers.
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