Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review: A Stolen Season

A Stolen Season
A Stolen Season by Tamara Gill

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book captured me from the moment I started it. There were gripping plots scattered throughout and the characters were loveable.​ I didn't read the summary before reading so that I could avoid personal expectations; silly as it may seem, I just went for it (I tend to favor this approach). I was pleasanty surprised with the time travel hook.​ I felt that the time travel rules were scattered and at times unclear; I would have liked more background on the company including the rules Sarah's dad spoke of in the end.​ I also felt some of the transitions between the next plot event were a bit abrupt; enough to make me stop to think and break the imagery of the story unfolding but not my enjoyment.​

I really liked how Eric got the message to encourage her home. I loved how Sarah avoided saying she loved him but as she left she finally allowed herself. I loved how everything resolved and Sarah's dad just wanted her happy at the end of the day. I wish their goodbye wasn't final.

I rarely read a novel or watch a movie twice but I enjoyed this one enough that I probably will.

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